Q : What is Koyal?

Koyal.pk regards the others, and in return it also wants the same. Koyal.pk doesnt permit copyright infringing activities on its site. Koyal.pk will take out all the copyright content, and have the rights to end the account of the user who will include in such activity. Koyal.pk possesses the rights to suspend the account of such users who violate our terms and conditions.

Q : How many languages can I stream music into?

As mentioned earlier, Koyal offers music streaming in seven languages of Pakistan that includes Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pashto, Saraiki and Hindko. However, the main language of Koyal streaming platform will always be Urdu since it’s the national language of Pakistan and Koyal.pk represents Pakistani local and folk music.

Q : Will Koyal work all over Pakistan?

Yes, from anywhere around Pakistan, you can use this platform for streaming music in any language you like. As the name itself talks about it – Koyal.pk.

Q : Does Koyal have any app?

Absolutely! Koyal has a user-friendly and a highly functional android app where you can more easily stream music online. Just go to your Google store and write koyal.pk and you will find as well as download the app easily on your smart devices.

Q : Is Koyal Free?

Yes, Koyal is absolutely free to be used for streaming music online from their library of over 3 million music tracks in seven regional languages of Pakistan. You only have to be connected to WiFi or mobile data to listen to your Favourite tunes online from your Favourite regional artists. You can also subscribe to Koyal and get access to songs which are for premium members only. Browse Koyal.pk today!

Q : Can I download songs on Koyal?

By subscribing to our premium service Koyal, you may have access to music and songs from artists that are present exclusively for our subscribers only. it takes a minimal cost or a few minutes to download songs from Koyal Pakistan. With Koyal.pk, you may access an unlimited number of songs and play them when you are not online or have no access to free wifi for as long as your subscription is viable. The downloaded music are only available in the Koyal app that you can download from your Google store, however, it cannot be transferred to any other device.

Q : How can I download songs on Koyal?

After you have downloaded the Koyal app on your smart devices, you can get access to unlimited trending music and free music on your mobile app. Go to the search bar on Koyal homepage and browse any music you like. Once you have the song in front of your screen, you will see a small ‘download’ icon on the right corner of it, click on it and you will start downloading any song you like.

Q : Where can the downloaded songs be saved?

All of the songs that you have downloaded from Koyal PK will be saved in your personalized Playlist under the name ‘My Music’. You can simply keep all the downloaded tracks there and listen to them when you have no access to free Wi-Fi, anywhere round Pakistan.

Q : How can I contact Koyal?

You have got a fully-fledged Koyal support team available for you to help resolve your queries. The support is available for you during business hours i.e., 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday and 9 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday. You can also write an email at help@koyal.pk or you can WhatsApp live from the website by clicking on the small WhatsApp icon on the right bottom of the page.


Koyal is among the top music streaming channel in Pakistan, promoting regional and folk music through its platform. Koyal offers you free, unlimited access to over 3+ million Folk Songs, trending songs and active playlists that entice you. Available for you in 7 different languages of Pakistan, including Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi, Hindko and Urdu MP3 songs.

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